#Harvest15 is Live on Periscope!

Hey! Did you know I’m on Periscope? I sure am, and I have unlimited data on my phone! For those that may not know Periscope is a live streaming video service. So this fall I will be broadcasting our harvest activities straight from the field. You can catch my videos and send me questions and comments in real time! How cool is that?

Yesterday I had a pretty lengthy Periscope sessionĀ because people were asking tons of questions which is great! How is the yield, how fast are you going. how fast can you go, where do you sell the soybeans, are those soybeans GMO, and so on.

How to follow me

When I “Scope” I’ll tweet out that I’m broadcasting so following @thefarmerslife on twitter is a good idea. Also you should install the Apple and Android apps on your mobile devices and look me up under @thefarmerslife.

Periscope via thefarmerslife.com

I know I won’t be the only farmer streaming video this fall so be sure to watch us!


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