Farm Week in Pictures 05/03/2014

Family Farm via

A bit of a slow start early this farm week due to wet soils, but by Wednesday we were back to planting again.  Take a look!  Family Farming Great shot my wife got of our son and me after he spent a whole afternoon (until 9pm) planting popcorn with me. Planting that popcorn! Seed Swap! […]

How Do Farmers Know When to Plant?

How do farmers know when to plant? via

Supposedly the third week of April is the best time to plant corn here in Northern Indiana, but sometimes conditions aren’t fit for planting or doing any kind of field work that week.  In 2012 we started crazy early on March 28th, but it had been 80ºF for two weeks by that time.  Conditions were […]

Farm Week in Pictures 04/26/2014

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Last week I told you there would be planting pictures from the farm this week.  I was right!  Planting season 2014 began on Wednesday and continued through Thursday.  Rain delay all day Friday, and then back to the fields on Saturday.  Sunday morning we ran a few hours to finish a field ahead of rain that […]

Farm Week in Pictures 04/19/2014

UAV Farmer Selfie

It’s almost time.  This looks to be the last week we have on the farm ahead of the 2014 planting season.  We are scrambling to get a lot of things done before we hit the fields full-time.  We’ve been tuning up the new field we bought, fertilizing, and doing various jobs that need our attention […]

Farm Week in Pictures 04/12/2014

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Farm work this week covered several projects.  We wrapped up a couple of things we’ve been working on for a while, and started getting more serious about spring fieldwork.  See what we’ve been up to! Let’s Grapple! Our grapple project for the JCB backhoe finally got done last week.  We had to do a fair […]

Farm Week in Pictures 04/05/2014

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Busy week on the farm with cutting, welding, measuring, fabricating, plant prepping, and several other things on the agenda.  2014 planting season might begin in a few weeks depending on the weather, and then our focus will shift from many projects to a relatively singular task.  Read on to see what we are working on […]