Farm Week in Pictures 11/22/2014

John Deere 635FD Flex Draper via

Our first full week post-harvest has passed on the farm.  This is about the time of year people start wondering just what it is farmers do in the winter.  Keep up with my Farm Week in Pictures series throughout the winter to see what keeps us occupied in the coming months. Cleanup Time The time […]

Farm Week in Pictures 11/08/2014

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Harvest is starting to near the end on this farm.  Several rain delays and generally wet ground conditions have slowed us down, but we’ve got less than 10% to go. Wet Harvest We have had to return to many of our fields multiple times to get crop out due to both grain and ground moisture. […]

Farm Week in Pictures 10/25/2014

Popcorn Harvest via

It finally happened.  We had a full week of dry enough soil and good weather to put in a full week of harvest.  There are quite a few less acres on our farm to harvest now.  We are now around two-thirds done with harvest. Popcorn When we harvest popcorn all three trucks are usually loaded […]

Farm Week in Pictures 10/18/2014

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We kept somewhat busy during a wet week.  Rain kept us away from harvest Sunday through Saturday.  Our farm has been really wet. Wet Week View the story “East 80 Wet” on Storify High water alert.  Just 2″ of rain made everything wet.  Our soils have been close to saturated since heavy rains came ahead […]