Where Did Your Oscar Party Popcorn Come From?

Popcorn Ear

Are you hosting or attending an Oscar party tonight?  If so maybe you’ll be partaking in the popular movie treat known as popcorn, and there’s some small chance our family farm may have raised that popcorn!  Each year we dedicate somewhere between 10-15% of our acreage to popcorn production.  Growing popcorn isn’t much different from […]

Building a Better Tailgate

Finished product via thefarmerslife.com

Our International 4900 had an old tailgate.  It’s lasted us quite a few years, but all the loads of dirt, stone, field rocks, concrete, and scrap steel have done a number on the poor thing. I think this is the third truck we’ve had this dump bed on.  In the summer of 2013 we used […]