Excited for SXSW 2015!


SXSW is an event I’ve been wanting to attend for a few years, but I’ve never been able to make it happen until now.  I like technology, music, social media, movies, and a lot of the cool stuff that is on display and up for discussion. And discussion will be my main reason for attending. […]

Indiana Small Farm

Indiana Small Farm via thefarmerslife.com

A small farm is an important part of agriculture.  But I’m not talking about a few acres so much as a few carpets.  Our son, somewhat by default, is really into farming.  He’s five years old and he will tell his great grandpa, granpda, and dad how to operate equipment in the field.  And he will be […]

Farm Week in Pictures 03/07/2015

Inventory via thefarmerslife.com

Whoa! I haven’t posted anything since the end of January! I was away from the farm for almost half of February for a few farm related events like Bayer Ag Issues Forum and Commodity Classic. We’ve still been selling and delivering grain since I last posted. Corn and soybean prices rebounded in February but are […]

Farm Week in Pictures 01/31/2015

Farmer Selfie via thefarmerslife.com

Whoa! A whole month of 2015 is already gone.  Even though it’s winter the farm is still pretty active.  Last week saw a lot of grain hauling.  We hauled a little more this week, but we also worked on a few other projects.  Check out this week’s photos as we close out the first month […]

Plotting for Profit

Plotting for Profit via thefarmerslife.com

It has been said a financial portfolio should be diversified to protect the investment and cast a greater net for profit.  We do something like that on our farm even though on the surface we may not seem very diverse.  Yes we raise corn, soybeans, popcorn, and wheat.  But break it down further to find […]

Farm Week in Pictures 01/24/2015

Soybeans via thefarmerslife.com

The tail end of January has mostly consisted of moving sold grain off the farm and to some of the different places we market our crops.  Corn and soybean prices recovered some so we sold some of our stored crop and have been spending our days getting it delivered. One of the seed companies we […]