5 Things We Don’t Do on the Farm


I’m always posting about what we do on the farm, but I never say much about what we are not doing.  That makes sense, right?  Of course it does.  However, there are practices and equipment that I think we could be using or at least would like to use in the future. Solar Power Our […]

Farm Week in Pictures 06/21/2014

No-Till Corn via thefarmerslife.com

We had a busy week on the farm.  We tended to our field borders, walked popcorn for rocks, inspected the growing crop, learned about the latest tech, fixed broken things, and I finished the week by heading over to Illinois for some additional education on unmanned aerial vehicle use in agriculture. Protecting the Border Each […]

Farm Week in Pictures 05/24/2014

Survey Flag via the farmereslife.com

Farm work shifted gears this week.  Planting season wrapped up at 10:00 PM Tuesday night so we are moving on to the next phase of summer jobs and scouting our growing crop. Mission Complete Getting ready to shut down right after the last seeds of #Plant14 are in the ground. Busy season traffic.  Planters passing […]