Wordless Wednesday



    1. LOL, Mike. There was a 30% chance of rain Friday. Guess that went away. Oh well. We’ll just wait and see what happens. Hope things are going better over your way.

  1. They had us down for 20% on Friday but they bumped it to Saturday. What gets me is that our night-time lows have been down in the 60s. That’s a sign of very dry air, no humidity, we might as well be out in the deserts of Arizona. Without the humidity I don’t see it raining here anytime in the near future. The corn might as well pop in the fields.

    1. On the other hand, I think the big nighttime drops are what have gotten the corn crop this far without rain. At least they get to cool off and not start the day rolled up.

      1. Indeed… but 100+ temps today through the weekend (at least predicted here) won’t help in the least. Unless that rain comes along on Saturday.

        1. We had a 30% chance of rain tomorrow which has now moved to Sunday. The only high temp for the next week that isn’t in the 90s is today when we’ll be over 100. At least I’m not dealing with wildfires. Can’t imagine going through that.

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