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What is Waxy Corn?

Waxy corn ear via thefarmerslife.com

We raise both dent and waxy corn on our farm.  Whenever I mention waxy someone inevitably asks me, “What is waxy corn?”  Even other corn growers tend to ask because it is not a large part of the overall corn market.  Here in Indiana there are several markets for waxy corn. What makes it waxy? […]

Where Does My Harvest Go?

Pop Weaver

On our farm we grow corn, soybeans, popcorn, and wheat.  More specifically #2 yellow dent corn, waxy corn, commercial soybeans, soybeans for seed (for two different seed companies), popcorn, and wheat. Let’s start with the regular dent corn.  You’ll notice I didn’t say sweet corn.  None of the corn we grow (except popcorn) ends up […]

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