Great Grain Cart Improvements

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A grain cart is a great tool for adding efficiency to harvest.  A cart keeps a combine moving while spending more time harvesting and less time driving to and from trucks waiting at the edge of a field.  Combines are expensive to operate so the less hours a farmer can put on his combine the […]

Farm Week in Pictures 03/29/2014

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Farm activity this week consisted of working on tractors for a good portion of the week.  The 4630 especially got some TLC.  We’ve be finishing up installing the loader we bought at auction recently.  I started just a little bit of prep on the big Deeres to get ready for tillage and planting.  A few […]

Farm Week in Pictures 11/16/2013

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Farm Week in Pictures is really changing now that harvest is over.  Right now we have several projects happening at the same time.  We are managing water on one field, tilling other fields, improving my truck, and we even bought a farm! Harvest Finale Some of the final results of our 2013 harvest.  On Monday […]