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Weeds are a Challenge for Farms of All Types


There are countless ways for farmers to control weeds.  Tillage of all types, various herbicides, mowing, and even cover crops that can suppress weed populations.  Weeds have been on my mind lately because the wet spring has kept most equipment that can deal with weeds off the soft soils. While driving home earlier this week […]

What is No-Till?

Corn Stalks

I recently posted this picture of amassed corn stalk residue on my The Farmer’s Life facebook page with the description “Water has caused crop residue to accumulate in some areas creating a thick mat. In our no-till fields. We may have to burn a few of these to assist the planter in placing seed correctly.” […]

April Sandstorm

In our area once you get North of US 24 soils start to get sandy. The terrain gets a little hilly in places, and the sandiest areas are often the highest. This year we didn’t perform any tillage on our sandiest fields, and judging by what I saw yesterday that was a good idea. It’s […]

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