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Farm Week in Pictures 05/19/2013

Corn Emergence

This Farm Week in Pictures brings you a week full of planting!  We are nearly done.  Corn finished up early in the week and we spent about two days on popcorn.  We are working on soybeans now, and they should be done in a few days if we don’t see rain.  Tomorrow we start with […]

Farming Smarter with Cover Crops

Tillage Radish

Last September we seeded our first round of cover crops on roughly 200 acres.  These crops that we will never harvest are probably the most exciting thing on the farm right now for me. What is a Cover Crop A cover crop does just what it says.  It covers the soil during the period between […]

250 Bushel Soybeans

My parents have an exceptional soybean plant near their house.  This plant is actually on the edge of a neighbor’s corn field and has managed to survive the growing season.  Dad counted the pods on this plant estimating an entire field of soybeans like this one could yield  250 bushels per acre.  In our area […]

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