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My Time at BlogHer 2015

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I recently attended BlogHer in New York City. Yep, me. A male farm blogger. I have been looking for ways to achieve the common AGvocate goal of reaching beyond the choir of our agricultural peers. Going to a blogging conference with emphasis on the “Her” portion was certainly a way for me to reach out. Not that […]

Judi Graff AKA FARMnWIFE Makes me a Better Blogger

I want to take a moment to thank my friend Judi who travels social media circles as FARMnWIFE.  Judi set up a Facebook group for ag bloggers who wanted to take their sites to the next level. All during the month of March Judi has been giving us assignments and tips.  In fact many of […]

2012 in review

Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who has visited this blog in 2012!  Here’s a rundown of some stats provided by WordPress.  I had more than double the traffic here than I did in 2011.  Let’s see if we can double it again in 2013!  Thanks again for reading, commenting, sharing, and subscribing.  See […]

How Social Media Got Me to the Final Four

You see and hear people from time to time saying that social media is just a waste of time because you aren’t making any “real” connections with people.  In case you couldn’t tell by the post title, I’m going to disagree with that notion. Once upon a time I didn’t use social media.  I did […]