Farm Week in Pictures 01/11/2015

Winter Farm via

Suddenly it’s 2015 at the farm. One week we are trying to spend the right amount of money to ease our tax burden while making wise purchases and wrapping up a bunch of 2014 business and the next week we are cleaning out the filing folders for all the paperwork flooding our mail since January […]

Farm Week in Pictures 01/11/2014

Snow Truck via

We didn’t have a really active week on the farm.  The snow and cold from Ion slowed us down a bit, but we didn’t have pressing matters to attend to outdoors anyway.  No power lost and no pipes frozen for us, so that worked out well.  For the most part paperwork was done and some […]

Farm Week in Pictures 12/21/2013

The Farmer's Life Instagram via

We had another busy week for Farm Week in Pictures even though there were only a few activities.  Two days were dedicated to hauling soybeans, we spent one day at a farm show in Indianapolis, and we kept working on our taxes.  Enjoy the pictures. Soybean Trucking Our Freightliner duo handles grain from field to […]

Farm Week in Pictures 12/14/2013

Soybeans via

This Farm Week in Pictures we had a few projects going on.  This year’s crop is beginning to come out of storage, and we have a bit of a storage issue in one bin.  A tractor needed some work, a bunch of paperwork was started, and we experienced some significant snow. Coming Out of Storage […]

John Deere 4630 at Work

4630 Snow

Regular readers are sure to have spied shots of the John Deere 4630 we picked up last summer at auction.  To date all you’ve seen are still pictures of the tractor in the shop getting cleaned up or tuned up, and maybe a few shots of it running an auger to load corn.  You may […]