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Spot the Refuge Corn

Corn Refuge via thefarmerslife.com

Refuge corn?  What’s that?  I’ll show you!  No corn doesn’t need to take refuge in some kind of crop refugee camp, but it can act as a safe haven for pests that like to eat my crops.  Why would I want pests to eat my crops? What is Refuge? Refuge plants are needed to mitigate […]

Corn Porn

Censored Corn

Warning!  This post contains gratuitous cornography including graphic imagery of corn reproductive organs.  Male and female parts will be pictured and discussed in detail.  It’s July so that means all our corn has finished the vegetative stages of life and has now entered the reproductive phase.  I figure this is a good time to give […]

Farm Week in Pictures 05/25/2013

Rotary Hoe Tines

Farm Week in Pictures brings a close to the planting season this week.  We put in a long day Sunday, and finished on Wednesday, May 22 which happens to be our wedding anniversary.  With planting over outside of a replant situation and hopefully being able to double crop soybeans after wheat what is on the […]

Farm Week in Pictures 05/11/2013

Family Farm

After than long, wet April Farm Week in Pictures finally brings you planting shots!  Monday through Thursday we planted corn.  Of course Plant 13 keeps us pretty busy, but it came to a standstill right at 5pm on Thursday with a brief rain shower.  Friday was a dreary day, so soil didn’t dry out.  The […]

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