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Can Bad Weather be Good for Farmers?

Can Bad Weather be Good for Farmers? via thefarmerslife.com

The Bad 2015 is a tough weather year. Excessive rain is currently taking a fairly big toll on our crops. Corn especially. The last two years were very kind to us and brought big harvests. This year has been wet. Really wet. During planting I don’t think we worked the fields more than three straight […]

Farm Week Pictures 10/11/2014

Indiana Sunset via thefarmerslife.com

Light rains came to the farm during the week, but we weren’t kept out of the fields for long.  We made some good progress on harvest, and finished Saturday night with the start of popcorn harvest. Harvest Weather Wet weather has made harvest slow, but fall always offers up some picture-worthy sights. A nice shot […]

Farm Week in Pictures 09/06/2014

Grain Storage via thefarmerslife.com

We’ve been ramping up our efforts to prepare for harvest on the farm.  Storage is being readied, and equipment is making its way through the shop to for final tweaks.  Crops are being watched too, because we have some early maturing soybeans that could be ready fairly soon. Bin There, Done That. This is our main […]

Farm Week in Pictures 08/30/2014

Corn Kernels via thefarmerslife.com

Our crops our changing across the farm.  Summer is coming to a close and fall harvest season will be upon on soon. Seasonal Soybeans We planted some early maturing soybean varieties this year, and many of them are beginning to drop leaves already.  Drier spots started to change in these early beans when we had dry weather […]

What is Waxy Corn?

Waxy corn ear via thefarmerslife.com

We raise both dent and waxy corn on our farm.  Whenever I mention waxy someone inevitably asks me, “What is waxy corn?”  Even other corn growers tend to ask because it is not a large part of the overall corn market.  Here in Indiana there are several markets for waxy corn. What makes it waxy? […]

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