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Weeds are a Challenge for Farms of All Types


There are countless ways for farmers to control weeds.  Tillage of all types, various herbicides, mowing, and even cover crops that can suppress weed populations.  Weeds have been on my mind lately because the wet spring has kept most equipment that can deal with weeds off the soft soils. While driving home earlier this week […]

Long-Term Glyphosate Use Effect on Wheat

Wheat and Glyphosate

Critics of conventional farming often decry the use of herbicides.  Herbicides that are not organic anyway.  That’s all fine and dandy, but the problem I see with the arguments some people present is they contain no substance.  Take a look at this Facebook post on the Kellogg’s Facebook page that I shared to my blog page to […]

Greed is Green

    Mike Rowe, host of the popular show Dirty Jobs once said,  “Green maybe wasn’t the best color. Seems to me that brown would be better suited. Think about it, everything that’s green starts with something that’s brown, usually dirt. And if you were to scrape the dirt off of the farmers from coast […]

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