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How to Avoid GMO Popcorn

Orville Redenbacher non-GMO via thefarmerslife.com

Avoiding the consumption of genetically modified, or GMO, popcorn is very easy.  All anyone needs to do is eat popcorn.  Simple as can be.  As this post is written (August 2014) there is no GMO popcorn on store shelves nor is there any available for farmers to grow. I raise popcorn for Weaver Popcorn, and […]

Visiting Monsanto

Monsanto Vine via thefarmerslife.com

Early in September 2013 I was able to visit Monsanto‘s facilities in St. Louis, MIssouri.  My wife and I along with two friends were on a road trip taking us from home in Indiana out to Kansas City and back through St. Louis to take in a couple of concerts.  A friend I first encountered […]

Journal to Retract Seralini Rat Study

Seralini Rats via thefarmerslife.com

Last year French scientist Gilles-Eric Seralini made news when a paper by his team was published in Food and Chemical Toxicology.  Data concerning long-term feeding of genetically modified Monsanto corn and the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) in the Seralini study suggested the rats being studied developed cancerous tumors.  Of course this news spread around the internet like wildfire […]

Spot the Refuge Corn

Corn Refuge via thefarmerslife.com

Refuge corn?  What’s that?  I’ll show you!  No corn doesn’t need to take refuge in some kind of crop refugee camp, but it can act as a safe haven for pests that like to eat my crops.  Why would I want pests to eat my crops? What is Refuge? Refuge plants are needed to mitigate […]

Thoughts on Vernon Hugh Bowman v. Monsanto

This week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Bowman v. Monsanto involving an Indiana farmer who allegedly bought commodity seed from an elevator and used that seed to plant another crop.  Monsanto argues this act would infringe on its technology use agreement.  To me it sounds like Bowman did this knowingly violating the agreement.  Personally, […]

2012 in review

Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who has visited this blog in 2012!  Here’s a rundown of some stats provided by WordPress.  I had more than double the traffic here than I did in 2011.  Let’s see if we can double it again in 2013!  Thanks again for reading, commenting, sharing, and subscribing.  See […]

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