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Farm Week in Pictures 12/20/2014

John Deere Combine via thefarmerslife.com

We’ve been working outdoors again in some nicer weather this past week.  Various types of farm work including tillage, rock picking, and cleaning equipment are all part of the mix.  Not pictured is all the year-end paperwork and our decision-making process about trading some of our equipment before the calendar turns to a new year. […]

Farm Week in Pictures 10/18/2014

Popcorn Harvest via thefarmerslife.com

We kept somewhat busy during a wet week.  Rain kept us away from harvest Sunday through Saturday.  Our farm has been really wet. Wet Week View the story “East 80 Wet” on Storify High water alert.  Just 2″ of rain made everything wet.  Our soils have been close to saturated since heavy rains came ahead […]

Farm Week in Pictures 06/21/2014

No-Till Corn via thefarmerslife.com

We had a busy week on the farm.  We tended to our field borders, walked popcorn for rocks, inspected the growing crop, learned about the latest tech, fixed broken things, and I finished the week by heading over to Illinois for some additional education on unmanned aerial vehicle use in agriculture. Protecting the Border Each […]

Where Did Your Oscar Party Popcorn Come From?

Popcorn Ear

Are you hosting or attending an Oscar party tonight?  If so maybe you’ll be partaking in the popular movie treat known as popcorn, and there’s some small chance our family farm may have raised that popcorn!  Each year we dedicate somewhere between 10-15% of our acreage to popcorn production.  Growing popcorn isn’t much different from […]

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