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Food vs Fuel: Beyond the Corn Field

Food versus Fuel is a phrase that’s heard a lot when talking about ethanol generated from corn.  I’m not going to rehash that whole debate here because I’ve covered it in other posts, but basically know that corn made in to ethanol also produces animal feed in the process.  When you hear that upwards of […]

This is Feed and Fuel

This is some of the first corn we harvested this season.  It’s sitting in the grain cart waiting to be loaded into a truck.  It will be delivered to an ethanol plant.  That does not mean it isn’t food.  It’s not food as you see it now.  You won’t ever find this type of corn […]

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts on The Farmer’s Life

This little blog is almost five months old now.  I was looking at my statistics page and found the most viewed posts so far.  I suspected what #1 would be and was right, but was a bit suprised by #2.  The most viewed post has nearly double the views of second place, and happens to be my favorite […]

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