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Long-Term Glyphosate Use Effect on Wheat

Wheat and Glyphosate

Critics of conventional farming often decry the use of herbicides.  Herbicides that are not organic anyway.  That’s all fine and dandy, but the problem I see with the arguments some people present is they contain no substance.  Take a look at this Facebook post on the Kellogg’s Facebook page that I shared to my blog page to […]

Drought, Crop Conditions, USDA, and CNN

A quick post to get you readers up to speed.  I’m barely up to speed myself as all this has happened quite quickly.  About two weeks ago we found out USDA Undersecretary Michael Scuse was going to be touring drought stricken areas of the Midwest.  Thanks to my sister who recently began a new career […]

April Sandstorm

In our area once you get North of US 24 soils start to get sandy. The terrain gets a little hilly in places, and the sandiest areas are often the highest. This year we didn’t perform any tillage on our sandiest fields, and judging by what I saw yesterday that was a good idea. It’s […]

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