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Planting is over. Now what do farmers do?

Planting is over. Now what do farmers do? via thefarmerslife.com

Our 2015 planting season began on April 24. It ended on May 23. The season seemed longer than one month because I don’t believe we ever got a full week of planting in due to rains and waiting on particular fields to dry out. Some people think grain farmers like us work hard for just […]

First Day of Corn Planting 2015

Planting via thefarmerslife.com

The first day of planting is an exciting time. It means winter has finally (aka hopefully) given way to spring on the farm. Lots of planning and preparation goes into being ready for the first day.  In the past I’ve written about how we know when it is time to start planting. Not every year […]

Farm Week in Pictures 11/16/2013

Trencher via thefarmerslife.com

Farm Week in Pictures is really changing now that harvest is over.  Right now we have several projects happening at the same time.  We are managing water on one field, tilling other fields, improving my truck, and we even bought a farm! Harvest Finale Some of the final results of our 2013 harvest.  On Monday […]

Farm Week in Pictures 08/31/2013

Double crop soybeans via thefarmerslife.com

Before you know it Farm Week in Pictures is going to have a change of scenery.  It’s the last day of August which means tomorrow is the first day of September.  September is more often than not the month harvest begins.  We certainly aren’t ready for harvest yet, but things are going to start changing […]

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