What is One Ear of Corn Worth?

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One ear of corn. It doesn’t seem like it holds much value. But even though I’m a corn farmer growing around 850 acres of corn, there is a lot of worth in one ear of corn. Let’s do some math. We plant on average 32,000 seeds per acre taking the whole farm in account. 32,000 […]

Farm Week in Pictures 06/28/2014

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Summer is officially on at the farm!  June is coming to a close, and that means wheat harvest cannot be far off.  Other jobs still keep us busy, but we’ll be spending a few days in the field soon bringing in the wheat harvest and planting soybeans right behind it.  Take a look at what […]

Where Did Your Oscar Party Popcorn Come From?

Popcorn Ear

Are you hosting or attending an Oscar party tonight?  If so maybe you’ll be partaking in the popular movie treat known as popcorn, and there’s some small chance our family farm may have raised that popcorn!  Each year we dedicate somewhere between 10-15% of our acreage to popcorn production.  Growing popcorn isn’t much different from […]

Farm Week in Pictures 11/02/2013

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Wow it’s November already!  Harvest is coming to a close on this farm week in pictures.  Soon harvest will be history, but we’ve still got a lot of work before it is over! Young Farmer Our son headed to the office. Corn, Corn, Corn This week was all about corn harvest.  Take in the sights! […]