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My Time at BlogHer 2015

#BlogHer15 via thefarmerslife.com

I recently attended BlogHer in New York City. Yep, me. A male farm blogger. I have been looking for ways to achieve the common AGvocate goal of reaching beyond the choir of our agricultural peers. Going to a blogging conference with emphasis on the “Her” portion was certainly a way for me to reach out. Not that […]

2012 in review

Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who has visited this blog in 2012!  Here’s a rundown of some stats provided by WordPress.  I had more than double the traffic here than I did in 2011.  Let’s see if we can double it again in 2013!  Thanks again for reading, commenting, sharing, and subscribing.  See […]

What to do with Google+

Twitter has been all atwitter the last couple weeks with the rollout of Google’s social network Google+.  It’s kind of a soft opening with Google only allowing so many people in at a time as they work out bugs and build the network.  I was able to get in via an invite from  Janice Person.  […]

100 Comments and Counting

A big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog!  It’s been about four months since I started this thing and we are at exactly 100 total comments on my posts.  Thanks again for the conversation and keep the comments coming!

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