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Farm Week in Pictures 06/21/2014

No-Till Corn via thefarmerslife.com

We had a busy week on the farm.  We tended to our field borders, walked popcorn for rocks, inspected the growing crop, learned about the latest tech, fixed broken things, and I finished the week by heading over to Illinois for some additional education on unmanned aerial vehicle use in agriculture. Protecting the Border Each […]

Farm Week in Pictures 01/25/2014

John Deere 9320 4WD via thefarmerslife.com

This week on the farm brought on more tractor cleaning, some shop cleaning, a public open house, corn hauling, truck modification, and paperwork. Clean and Green John Deere Tractors The 9320 had its turn with the pressure washer this week followed by a good coat of wax.  All the equipment is pretty well clean now! […]

Harvesting Corn Nonstop

John Deere Combine and Grain Cart

Being efficient is important during harvest for many reasons. When conditions are right you want to get crops harvested in a timely manner while those conditions are still in effect. Maximizing productivity can also cut fuel costs and puts less hours on machinery which preserves value when it’s time to sell or trade equipment. One […]

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