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Obviously if you’re reading this you know about the blog.  Did you know you can subscribe to new posts by email?  Look over there to the right to sign up!

Here’s a rundown of all the other places to find The Farmer’s Life.  At all of these places you’ll find more info than just my posts.  I’m tweeting all the time and posting links and pictures to Facebook.  On YouTube you’ll find a bunch of videos showing our equipment at work in the field.  Quora is a place for people to ask and answer questions on specific topics. Farmer Bloggers reposts the posts you see here, plus you can find a bunch of other ag bloggers.  The Mobile Farmer is about mobile tech in agriculture.  Like me, follow me, subscribe and join in the converstation!  I want to hear from you!







Farmer Bloggers

The Mobile Farmer


  1. Oh no! Your link for Twitter is broken! I found you anyway. You had some great comments on #blogchat tonight. Looking forward to reading your blog (and following you on Twitter) in the future.

  2. Hi, Brian. I discovered your site through the #blogchat over at twitter. It warms my heart to see a farmer so into social media — two categories folks might not immediately associate, but that can have mutual benefit, as you demonstrate. Looking forward to more of your posts!

    1. Thanks a lot! There’a growing number of us out there. Drop in on #Agchat Tuesdays 8-10pm Eastern if you want to see more of us. I believe on the third Tuesday of the month it’s #Foodchat. Good times! We like when non-farmers show up!

  3. Feel veyr fortunate to be just 25 miles south of you.One day I will make may way up HHC thru Delphi to 421 and pop in and see you all

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