Farm Week in Pictures 02/02/2012

Not a great variety of pictures this week because we haven’t done a great variety of things.    We have hauled a bunch of grain though.  Soybeans, waxy corn, and corn to the ethanol plant.  Here’s a couple pictures of me loading one of the trucks and something else I think is pretty cool.  I finally tried out the time lapse feature on my new phone so  you can ride along with me from the barn lot to the ethanol plant and back!


  1. It is amazing to see these photos, man. This just seems very far away from the DC-Metro area and the overcrowding of my urban high school…sigh, I wish I could make like Kerouac and get out and see more of our country.
    I’m hooked and an avid viewer/reader. Thanks, man!

    1. Thanks, Chris. I was just telling my wife this evening I’d like to go back to DC one day. I can’t remember the last time I went, but I was pretty young and it was a family vacation. Just put up a new set of pics for this week!

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