Syrup or Maple Syrup? Which do You Prefer?

Remember the #BSLables? I like this one because it made me laugh a little bit.  Sometimes you’ve just got to be creative with your product.  I’m sure we all know the most famous aunt in the syrup world.  Today we met Aunt Maple.  Turns out she doesn’t make maple syrup though.  That’s alright though because she never really claimed to and it still tasted good on our Saturday night cinnamon French toast and scrambled eggs dinner.  For all I know that’s some of my corn in there.  I suspect if I checked the grocery shelves I’d find a lot of syrup like this.  I honestly don’t know if I’ve had real, pure maple syrup before or not.  Have you?





  1. That’s pretty funny! I don’t actually like the taste of syrup in the non-maple or maple kind…. I know, its a food group in Elf but not for me. I have gotten to taste the real thing thanks to travel but I prefer to go the butter route. (Reminder I also prefer butter to lard LOL)

    1. We bought some real ginger ale in the “fancy” pop section of the grocery store once. Bleh. I’ll stick with Canada Dry. The real stuff is both fizzy and spicy hot. Not a good combo.

  2. Good call Brian! I’ve actually been caught in the conundrum of choosing real maple syrup or non. I learned cracker barrel switched to the sugar syrup a few years ago. That was heart breaking. But I have found some real maple syrup at the grocery before. Pretty good stuff! I’ll probably have an eye on this next time I head to Kroger.

  3. We have had real maple syrup! We make it here on the farm and if we don’t about a dozen of our neighbor and friends do. Vermont isn’t the only place real maple syrup is made! New York is a big producing state too.
    If you would like a pint, let me know and we can make some arrangements to get you some!

  4. A person who thinks “maple flavored” corn syrup is as good as the real thing probably also thinks “I can’t believe it’s not butter” tastes as good as butter. No offense to corn growers, but you can’t beat the original real deal!

  5. After reading this I looked at our bottle of Aunt Jamima (sp?)for syrup this morning while having pancakes with the kids. Its just like the bottle you had, no maple syrup anywhere on the label. I wonder if these two aunts are sisters 😉

  6. I recently moved back to the family farm here in Green County, Wisconsin. I’m just a part time grain farmer, but our family has been making real maple for over 75 years. We make just enough maple syrup to feed the family and give away. I’m almost embarrassed to say it, but my kids still only have the “store” maple syrup. Guess i can’t complain too much, maybe some of my corn is in that syrup.

    1. High fructose corn syrup is high in fructose relative to other corn sugars. Corn syrup add I understand it, is mostly glucose and is not as sweet as table sugar. In order to get that level of sweetness you need HFCS. It’s a misnomer that high fructose implies a higher level of sugar than, well, sugar. We could dedicate an entirely new post about why corn sugar is cheaper than beet or cane sugar.

  7. Haven’t had non-maple maple flavored syrup in a so long I don’t really know what it tastes like. So, by default I like real maple syrup. But when I make pancakes or waffles or french toastI actually prefer warm honey on top.

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