Farm Week in Pictures 12/20/2014

We’ve been working outdoors again in some nicer weather this past week.  Various types of farm work including tillage, rock picking, and cleaning equipment are all part of the mix.  Not pictured is all the year-end paperwork and our decision-making process about trading some of our equipment before the calendar turns to a new year.  More on that in a future post so for now enjoy the pictures from around the farm this week!

Combine Clean Up

John Deere Combine via thefarmerslife.comThe annual cleaning of the combine started.  First we take compressed air and blow off as much of the dirt and debris as we can.  Air is also a good way to clean out the grain tank.  There are always several bushels of grain left even after running the auger empty.  All the fluff we blow out of the machine would be great homes for mice if we put the combine away without a good cleaning.

After the loose, dry stuff is blown off we bring out the pressure washer for a good rinsing top to bottom.  After that it is time for a good scrubbing with soapy water.
John Deere Combine via thefarmerslife.comAfter rinsing the worst of the dirt off the combine went into the shop for a final bath.

Even after a pretty thorough cleaning you can always find more dirt.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa

John Deere Loader via thefarmerslife.comThe rocks we were picking up have all been dug up during the install of some drainage pipe we had installed after harvest.

Cat Mini Excavator via thefarmerslife.comWith the drainage project done I loaded up the installer’s rented excavator and dropped it off at a nearby farm for his next job.

Return to Tillage

The weather finally shaped up enough for us to get back in a couple of fields to finish tillage we started several weeks ago.  Fall farm work is finally getting done as winter approaches.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays to everyone as we head into Christmas next week and New Year’s not long after!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa. Doesn’t look like retirement is on his agenda. You and your family have a blessed Christmas.

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