Farm Week in Pictures 08/17/2014

Farm Week in Pictures has been on hiatus for a few weeks.  Several weeks actually.  After wheat harvest, I didn’t have a great deal of unique pictures to show off.  We spent a lot of days hauling in the rest of the 2013 corn crop, and we spent a week at Disney World.  But things are picking up steam again as harvest approaches.  It’s time to start preparing equipment to hit the fields again.

Truck Treatment

International 4070 Cabover via thefarmerslife.comThe 4070 semi tractor came out for a few minutes while we were shuffling some other things around.  This truck didn’t participate in the 2013 harvest.  Normally we run two trucks during harvest, and pull this one out with another older trailer we own for popcorn harvest. Our popcorn goes straight to market which is a 4 hour round trip.  A third truck helps keep the combine moving.  We bought a third late-model truck last summer, and we haven’t used it to replace one of the others yet.  So this guy has been sitting for a while, but that’s okay because it has been around a long time.  This would be one of the first pieces of equipment Dad and Grandpa bought together.  It has earned a little retirement time, but people do like seeing the 4070 out and about!

Freightliner Full Fender via thefarmerslife.comTrucks and trailers are done delivering last year’s crop so now is the time to give them a deep cleaning before harvest.  A little Mothers Polish and some elbow grease made this Freightliner fender shine again!

Rain Makes Grain

Indiana Rain via thefarmerslife.comA few small showers passed over our fields this week.  Just a tenth or two here and there, but a welcome sight as we’ve been getting dry over the last few weeks.  At this point rain will help maintain corn yields while soybeans still have some time to put on some new growth if they get nice weather.

Tire Trouble

John Deere 4630 via thefarmerslife.comThis spring when we ran the rotary hoe over some of our soybeans the high-speed in the field cracked the left rear rim on the 4630. The rim was replaced.  We decided it might be a good idea to replace the other rim as well after seeing how rusty the inside of the other rim had become.  When we bought this tractor at auction two years ago the previous owner had filled the wheels with liquid ballast which takes it toll on the steel over time.

When the guy from the tire shop came out with a new wheel to install he called us down to look at the old rim.  He showed us nothing was wrong with it, and suggested we not spend money on a new wheel.  It appeared this side had already been replaced recently.  He simply cleaned the wheel while the tire was off and remounted the tire.  Good to go!

Yield Check

All but a few of the yield checks I’ve done of corn have been very good!

Keep coming back as we prep for the 2014 harvest.  Before you know it we’ll be rolling in the fields again!




  1. That’s a nice looking truck for sure. I can’t say I have seen many of those in my area but that would be a welcome sight.

    Hope your harvest goes well when it rolls around

      1. I’ll have to take your word for that because I have never been in one before.

        However, I can imagine that it would be particularly if you are tired

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