Farm Week in Pictures 06/28/2014

Summer is officially on at the farm!  June is coming to a close, and that means wheat harvest cannot be far off.  Other jobs still keep us busy, but we’ll be spending a few days in the field soon bringing in the wheat harvest and planting soybeans right behind it.  Take a look at what we’ve been up to this week!

Corn, Corn, Corn

Grain Loading via thefarmerslife.comWe hauled several more loads of waxy corn.  This bin is nearly empty.  There might be just over one load left inside, and then we’ll move on to the next one!Purdue Colors via thefarmerslife.comAlways like seeing this Purdue colored rig when I’m hauling to Tate & Lyle in Lafayette.

Rotten Luck

Soybeans via thefarmerslife.comUnfortunately when hauling soybeans this winter we found we had some storage issues in one silo.  We got our beans hauled out without much issue, but now we have rotten soybeans stuck to the walls that need to be cleaned out otherwise they’ll cause problems for the new crop this fall.

Waiting for Wheat

Sickle Sections via thefarmerslife.comThe draper head we’ll cut wheat with needed a couple of stone guards and sickle sections to replace broken pieces from cutting soybeans last fall.  It’s good to go now!
John Deere Combine via thefarmerslife.comThe combine woke up for a few minutes to pull out of the shed, get some fuel, and move into the shop so we can set it up for wheat harvest.

Church Ride

Will I have harvest pictures next week?  You better come back to find out!


  1. Your beautiful fields of wheat are like the anthem, “Oh Beautiful…for spacious skies, for fields of amber grain…” We have never seen this in Hawaii, and marvel at your great farm in Indiana! We wish you bountiful harvests this season. Aloha.

  2. Hello friend, I am from Argentina, and the last time I follow your blog which I find very good.

    ‘m Agronomist.

    In that area of USA is your farm?



      1. In Argentina we are finishing harvesting the corn. And the term soybean harvested and 1 month ago. Wheat emerged this 45 days ago and are in excellent condition. I’m using agriculture precision ago several years. That signal level used in your car guide? SF2? RTK?

  3. Hmmmm. That Purdue color scheme looks suspiciously like Vanderbilt’s down heah. Anchor Down, Black and Gold! We’re celebrating our boys’ national NCAA baseball championship.

  4. What caused the rotten beans…condensation, leaking slio? I’m enjoying your blog – grew up farming with my Grandpa but he never got into precision farming or the huge equipment of today, so I read blogs like yours to get my fix. We say Oskee Wow Wow in our neighborhood.

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