Farm Week in Pictures 03/15/2014

It was an up and down week on the farm for weather.  Spring was here at one point, but winter came right back just to be followed by spring again.  March is always a toss-up around here.  Planting season is going to be here one of these days, but until then we still have things to do!

Thaw Out

Drainage via thefarmerslife.comA week of temps with highs around 50F and one day even pushing 70F made the remaining snow finally melt and the frozen ground began to thaw.  I’ve shown the outlets of our new drainage system before, and here it’s working overtime again.  I’d be interested to know how many gallons of water drain off this field in a day when they are flowing this much into the ditch.

Seeds of Spring
Seed via the

The first few pallets of seed are sitting in the shop.  3 boxes of soybeans and two pallets of corn.  It’s probably going to be close to a month before we think about putting these in the ground.

Morning Fog
Morning fog via

The changing weather brought us a few foggy mornings.


Bedliner via thefarmerslife.comI noticed a corner of my 3 month old bedliner peeling last week.  I stopped by the installer, and immediately upon seeing it they said they’d put a completely new liner in the truck.  Kind of a pain to schedule, but at least they are going to make it right.  Seems the person who did the work didn’t prep the bed before spraying in the liner.  Apparently he no longer works there.

Winter Returns

Farm Sale via thefarmerslife.comJust one day after we hit 68F this blew in overnight just in time for a farm equipment auction.  In a first for auctioneer and potential buyers the auction truck got stuck in the soupy ground that had been thawing for several days.  I won’t count on watching an auctioneer continue to call out bids while sitting in a truck being pulled through mud up to its frame by a payloader.  An interesting day!  We did make a purchase which I’ll show off in a future post!

How was your week?

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