Farm Week in Pictures 01/11/2015

Suddenly it’s 2015 at the farm. One week we are trying to spend the right amount of money to ease our tax burden while making wise purchases and wrapping up a bunch of 2014 business and the next week we are cleaning out the filing folders for all the paperwork flooding our mail since January 1st.  Aside from the financial shift we are still in winter mode.  Equipment maintenance has been top of mind which keeps us working indoors.  A good thing because we have had single digit or negative temperatures all week following a 5″ snow to start the week.  The weather and road conditions have us holding off on hauling a bunch of grain until it’s a little nicer outside.  It isn’t that we can’t haul in this weather, but we’ll stay off the road if we can hold out for better and cleaner conditions.
Winter Farm via


Farm Maintenance

John Deere 9320 via
The 9320 is washed, waxed, and heading toward winter hibernation in the machine shed.

John Deere 8360R via thefarmerslife.comSame story for the 8360R!

This freeze and thaw process just makes for a really cool picture.  I just think it’s neat how it thawed in such a distinct pattern from each side rather than one side a little faster than the other.

Disk Gang via thefarmerslife.comThree new blades are now on this gang of the 2623VT.  One was broken in half, one was cracked, and one was bent.  Those old ones were on two different gangs, but we shuffled a few good ones around to hang one gang back on the frame while we waited for the new blades to arrive.  The dealer didn’t have any on hand so we waited a few days for them.

Impact Sockets via thefarmerslife.comThe adapter is a replacement for the one I snapped in two tightening the second to last bolt hanging that disk gang back on the implement.  The socket is so I wouldn’t have to use an adapter to do this job again in the future.

Grab a Cold One

Sub Zero Temperatures via thefarmerslife.comQuite a few cold starts for the Cummins diesel this week!  I did plug it in one night. Running the block heater certainly gets me going faster in the morning, but this truck and my previous Duramax have both started without complaint even at -20°F. Poor guy has to live outside because he’s too big for the garage.

Snow Truck via thefarmerslife.comWInd carves the snow on the front of my truck.  The insulation on the hood of this truck must work because engine heat never melts snow off the hood.

Keep up with me and we progress through winter on the farm.  Grain hauling pictures will start showing up soon, and maybe even some pictures of the results of the end of 2014 business I mentioned at the start!



  1. For some reason, I always assumed that Deere products used American style fractional fasteners. Seeing that you bought a 30mm socket, that leads me to ask how Deere stuff is put together. American, Metric, or mixed?

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