Farm Week in Pictures 07/07/2013

Farm Week in Pictures is a bit different this week because I didn’t spend most of the week on the farm.  For my wife’s birthday we traveled South to Tennessee over the Fourth of July weekend, but there was plenty of farm work to be done before I left and while I was gone!

Get Loaded
Loading CornOn Monday we hauled some corn.  I needed a jacket for this on the first day of July.  It was chilly!

Still Getting Loaded
Soybean SeedGrabbed another box of soybeans and 15 bags for double cropping behind wheat harvest.

I Did Not Know That
Corn Silk
I spotted this bag of corn silk at the grocery.  I did not know what anyone would use the silk for in food preparation, but I soon found out that it’s used for making tea.

Hitting the RoadKentuckyWe’ve exited Indiana at this point and are traveling through Kentucky on our way to Tennessee.  Fences and wide open spaces for horses everywhere!  The landscape really begins to change south of I-70 in Indiana.  The southern part of our state is quite a bit different and the hilly ground gets hillier the farther south you go.

The Great Smoky MountainsTennessee Cabin

We arrived at the cabin after 10 hours on the road.  Our 3 year old said his head hurt, but I think this is just the first time he’s had to deal with his ears popping and we drove up the mountain road to the cabin.

Smoky MountainsNot a bad view to wake up to every morning.

He’s a Lumberjack and He’s OKLumberjack FeudLook who got to go on stage and hack down a fake tree with a foam axe at the Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge!

Say AhhhhSafari CowThe cows in the drive through safari at the Circle G Ranch know you have food in your vehicle and they are now shy about it.  This is definitely worth the short trip from Pigeon Forge if you are ever in the area.  My wife and I enjoyed it when we went in March, and this time we brought our 3 year old son so it was even more fun!  The zebras will stick their whole head in you car!

Cabin FeverThe Preserve ResortIt rained everyday we were in Tennesse, but the weather was still nice and we could get outside.  Someone enjoyed catching rain drops on his tongue while we went for a walk.



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