The Farmer’s Knife

 This farmer’s knife anyway.  My handyman brother-in-law visited from Arizona and took notice of how dull my knife was.  I thought about that for a second and realized the reason the blade isn’t usually sharp is because it’s not really a knife.

Sure looks like a knife, but it’s not.

  • When we get out in the fields and start planting I’ll be using it to dig up seeds to check for depth and spacing.
  • If there’s a cotter pin or clip I can’t get out by hand, I slip the belt clip of my knife through it for leverage.  Works every time.
  • The combine has a few doors that are unlatched by using a flat head screwdriver.  Not by me though, I use the back of my knife blade as a screwdriver.
  • Need to pry on something that doesn’t require a ton of force?  Save yourself a trip to the toolbox and use your knife.
  • The radio in one of our semis is missing the buttons to tune stations up and down and the presets don’t work.  However I can stick my knife in far enough to push the even smaller button the tuner button is supposed to push on. (Don’t do this on the move)

I should probably get a multi-tool, but I’m determined to travel light.  Another tool most like my pseud0-knife is my Droid smart phone.  Just like the least used function of my knife is to cut things, one of the least used functions on my phone is the phone part.


The old knife broke and I finally found a multi-tool light enough and small enough for my taste.  It fits in my pocket and is not much bigger folded up than my knife.  No belt clip needed.  I bought a Leatherman Skeletool.  Now my knife is actually a pair of pliers and two sizes of phillips and flat head screwdrivers along with a sharp blade.  And a bottle opener to boot!

Leatherman Skeletool

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  1. I haven’t found just the right one yet, but I’ll probably breakdown and get one sometime. In my pre-farmer days I had so many “attachments” so it feels nice not to be weighed down. One of those things was a knife that I used as a knife dozens if not hundreds of times a day.

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