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What is a Flex Draper?

John Deere Draper via

Those who keep up with this blog and the associated facebook and twitter accounts know we bought our first draper head for soybean and wheat harvesting.  So why did we decide to trade our conventional cutting platform, which also flexed, for a John Deere 635FD? I think it may help readers to know what is […]

Weeds are a Challenge for Farms of All Types


There are countless ways for farmers to control weeds.  Tillage of all types, various herbicides, mowing, and even cover crops that can suppress weed populations.  Weeds have been on my mind lately because the wet spring has kept most equipment that can deal with weeds off the soft soils. While driving home earlier this week […]

John Deere 4630 at Work

4630 Snow

Regular readers are sure to have spied shots of the John Deere 4630 we picked up last summer at auction.  To date all you’ve seen are still pictures of the tractor in the shop getting cleaned up or tuned up, and maybe a few shots of it running an auger to load corn.  You may […]

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