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First Day of Corn Planting 2015

Planting via

The first day of planting is an exciting time. It means winter has finally (aka hopefully) given way to spring on the farm. Lots of planning and preparation goes into being ready for the first day.  In the past I’ve written about how we know when it is time to start planting. Not every year […]

How Do Farmers Know When to Plant?

How do farmers know when to plant? via

Supposedly the third week of April is the best time to plant corn here in Northern Indiana, but sometimes conditions aren’t fit for planting or doing any kind of field work that week.  In 2012 we started crazy early on March 28th, but it had been 80ºF for two weeks by that time.  Conditions were […]

Planting 2.0 aka Replant

Soybeans Replant

You thought planting was done?  Well it is, but we may be seen swooping in a field or two for replant. What is Replant? Around here replant is usually the result of crops being drowned out by heavy rainfall that accumulates in low lying areas of a field.  Replanting is not an uncommon task, but […]

Farm Week in Pictures 05/19/2013

Corn Emergence

This Farm Week in Pictures brings you a week full of planting!  We are nearly done.  Corn finished up early in the week and we spent about two days on popcorn.  We are working on soybeans now, and they should be done in a few days if we don’t see rain.  Tomorrow we start with […]

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