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2012 Drought Effect on Corn Yield

Yesterday we finished harvesting our first field after this long summer of drought.  The end result was a nice surprise with the yield monitor in the combine showing 151 bushels per acre average.  I saw yields in this field anywhere from 30 bushles to just over 300 in what are normally low, wet spots.  Based […]

Corn Conversation

During this “interesting” growing season I’ve been talking about corn with Cathryn Wojcicki aka @CornyCate from National Corn Growers Association.  She works on a series of podcasts with various farmers around the nation to get a feel for how the corn crop is progressing.  I get a call from Cathryn every couple of weeks to talk […]

Corn Maze!

This afternoon my wife and I took my son along with my sister and her husband out for some agritourism at Exploration Acres near Lafayette, Indiana.  They have a lot of things to do there, but the main attraction is the corn maze.  There are 25 stations within the corn maze each sponsored by a local […]

Wheat Harvest 2011

Here are a couple videos of this year’s wheat harvest.  The first is a view from the cab of the combine, and the second one is unloading wheat onto a truck.  A note about the first video.  I mention in it that GPS tracking was “all I needed” for the amount of wheat we have.  […]

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