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Deep Tillage: Let it Rip!

Deep Tillage via

We haven’t given a rip about deep tillage on our farm for a few years.  As we continue to move towards more acres in a no-till system with the rest of the farm in minimum till we traded in our 9 shank ripper a few years back.  At an auction in March 2013 we bought […]

Building a Better Tailgate

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Our International 4900 had an old tailgate.  It’s lasted us quite a few years, but all the loads of dirt, stone, field rocks, concrete, and scrap steel have done a number on the poor thing. I think this is the third truck we’ve had this dump bed on.  In the summer of 2013 we used […]

Well That Was Fun

Soaked Farmer via

I’m soaked through to my unmentionables.  The grain dryer was nearing capacity and we were about to move on to another field.  When we left for lunch to let the dryer catch up a bit the grain cart was fully loaded (and untarped) and the combine was partially loaded.  I drove home and made a […]

Who Designed That!?

For those of you not familiar with combines, let me tell you about the ladder you climb to get into the cab.  When you are out in the field the ladder hangs down the left hand side of the cab.  It can be swung around towards the front for transport, because in the operating position it makes […]