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What is No-Till?

Corn Stalks

I recently posted this picture of amassed corn stalk residue on my The Farmer’s Life facebook page with the description “Water has caused crop residue to accumulate in some areas creating a thick mat. In our no-till fields. We may have to burn a few of these to assist the planter in placing seed correctly.” […]

Farming Smarter with Cover Crops

Tillage Radish

Last September we seeded our first round of cover crops on roughly 200 acres.  These crops that we will never harvest are probably the most exciting thing on the farm right now for me. What is a Cover Crop A cover crop does just what it says.  It covers the soil during the period between […]

Drought then Hail

Hail Damaged Soybeans via

The Southern part of our county experienced a large hail storm two days ago.  The storm caused some significant damage to crops.  I went for a drive this afternoon so I figured I would drive to the affected area and snap a few pictures.  Harvest is going to be difficult due to the damage not […]

It’s Easy Being Green

Farms tend to accumulate scrap metal over time.  A few times a year we load the dump truck with junk and haul it to the scrap yard where they recycle the metal.  Today we have less junk (almost none actually) in the old hog lot, and $104 more in our pockets.  Easy!

Drought, Crop Conditions, USDA, and CNN

A quick post to get you readers up to speed.  I’m barely up to speed myself as all this has happened quite quickly.  About two weeks ago we found out USDA Undersecretary Michael Scuse was going to be touring drought stricken areas of the Midwest.  Thanks to my sister who recently began a new career […]

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