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Thoughts on Vernon Hugh Bowman v. Monsanto

This week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Bowman v. Monsanto involving an Indiana farmer who allegedly bought commodity seed from an elevator and used that seed to plant another crop.  Monsanto argues this act would infringe on its technology use agreement.  To me it sounds like Bowman did this knowingly violating the agreement.  Personally, […]

Long-Term Glyphosate Use Effect on Wheat

Wheat and Glyphosate

Critics of conventional farming often decry the use of herbicides.  Herbicides that are not organic anyway.  That’s all fine and dandy, but the problem I see with the arguments some people present is they contain no substance.  Take a look at this Facebook post on the Kellogg’s Facebook page that I shared to my blog page to […]

Ramblings on GMO Food Labels

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not food suppliers should be required to label foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMO). Consumer demand for this type of labeling seems to be growing along with an increased interest in learning how food gets from farm to table. The heated debate over so-called […]

Talk to Consumers to Find out What They Think About Farming

Yesterday I was reviewing my blog statistics and found something interesting.  One of the links bringing people in to my Occupy the Food Supply post was coming from NPR’s “Judge Dismisses Organic Farmers’ Case Against Monsanto“.  I could not remember commenting on an NPR post or even reading one lately.  As it turns out someone left […]

I Occupy Our Food Supply Everyday

Popcorn via

Today is the day.  The Occupy movement is going to occupy our food supply.  According to the occupiers and Farm Aid president Willie Nelson large corporations have too much control over our food.  I won’t deny that there has been a lot of consolidation in the food and seed markets over the years, but that […]

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