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This is Feed and Fuel

This is some of the first corn we harvested this season.  It’s sitting in the grain cart waiting to be loaded into a truck.  It will be delivered to an ethanol plant.  That does not mean it isn’t food.  It’s not food as you see it now.  You won’t ever find this type of corn […]

Corn Use, Food Prices, and Ethanol

High commodity prices have reignited the food versus fuel debate.  Not that it ever really went away, but with farmers reaping high prices for several months now you can see how it’s easy for those who don’t have the right information to make the connection that high commodity prices directly lead to high food prices.  […]

Ethanol Gets More Cost Effective……Again

One of the subjects I’ve been making an effort to learn more about since starting this blog is that of biofuels.  I have to admit, before I really started looking into renewable fuels I was in the camp that wanted our energy independence to come from getting our own oil here at home.  I still think […]

Biobutanol: The Alternate Alternative Fuel

How had I not heard of butanol being used as a fuel before today?  I subscribe to three auto-enthusiast magazines and pick up the occasional car mag at the grocery if there’s something I want to read, but butanol was never on my radar until I read an article online at Motor Trend today.  I read that article […]

Ethanol: The Song Remains the Same

But the processes used to make ethanol have become more efficient.  Watch this video from CNN posted on YouTube in May 2008, and you’ll see that many of the same elements in this video being replayed today.  High corn prices, an acreage battle with other crops, and so on.  Ken McCauley hits on many great […]

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