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Posts in this category could be about anything from computers to smartphones, precision ag technology, or just anything people that geek out on agriculture might find interesting.

What is One Ear of Corn Worth?

What is One Ear of Corn Worth? via

One ear of corn. It doesn’t seem like it holds much value. But even though I’m a corn farmer growing around 850 acres of corn, there is a lot of worth in one ear of corn. Let’s do some math. We plant on average 32,000 seeds per acre taking the whole farm in account. 32,000 […]

Precision Decision

Precision Decision via

We use precision ag technology in all of our field operations including planting, tillage, fertilizing, and harvest. Precision agriculture begins with the use of GPS.  Our equipment is guided through fields via satellite signals with pinpoint accuracy. The tractors drive themselves in perfectly spaced, repeatable paths across the farm. That is pretty cool on its […]

Excited for SXSW 2015!


SXSW is an event I’ve been wanting to attend for a few years, but I’ve never been able to make it happen until now.  I like technology, music, social media, movies, and a lot of the cool stuff that is on display and up for discussion. And discussion will be my main reason for attending. […]

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