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I’m Mostly Finished Farming Naked


Being naked in a dirty, dusty, greasy environment isn’t the best situation.  All that stuff finds its way into all your little cracks and crevices and just makes a general mess of things.  So even though I prefer the look and feel of being fully nude I decided it was time to cover up. That’s […]

AgNerd Review: Motorola Roadster 2 and P4000 Power Pack

Recently I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to try out a couple of Motorola gadgets from Verizon for a few weeks.  The Roadster 2 is a Bluetooth speaker made to clip to your vehicle’s sun visor and is intended for making hands free calls.  The P4000 is a portable charger for charging […]

Farmers vs The Walking Dead

Zombie Via thefarmerslife.com

I get asked a lot of interesting questions by all kinds of people about farming, but last week I may have gotten the best one yet.  Tammy Luck of Grown Up, Now What? hit me with a zombie question on twitter.  As we all know zombies can be a huge problem, but if nothing else […]