Where Did Your Oscar Party Popcorn Come From?

Popcorn Ear

Are you hosting or attending an Oscar party tonight?  If so maybe you’ll be partaking in the popular movie treat known as popcorn, and there’s some small chance our family farm may have raised that popcorn!  Each year we dedicate somewhere between 10-15% of our acreage to popcorn production.  Growing popcorn isn’t much different from […]

We Bought The Farm

Bought The Farm via thefarmerslife.com

None of us have shed our mortal coils, but we have bought the farm.  A particular farm anyway.  One field to be exact.  We made an offer on an 88 acre tract Saturday, and it was accepted on Monday.  So we’ll be farming just a bit more in 2014! This farm was put up for […]

Well That Was Fun

Soaked Farmer via thefarmerslife.com

I’m soaked through to my unmentionables.  The grain dryer was nearing capacity and we were about to move on to another field.  When we left for lunch to let the dryer catch up a bit the grain cart was fully loaded (and untarped) and the combine was partially loaded.  I drove home and made a […]

Keep Calm and Farm on!

Indiana Sunset

So yeah.  It’s September 30th, 2013 and there’s talk of a government shutdown at midnight tonight if Congress doesn’t pull it together.  Also the Farm Bill (which is really just a continuation of the old bill because Congress can’t manage to even get a Farm Bill done once every 5 years!) expires tonight. BUT! The […]