#BSLabels Roundup

Hopefully you already caught on yesterday, but if you didn’t let me get you up to speed.  A few ag bloggers including me got together a few weeks ago and decided to put up some posts about labels that seem unnecessary or misleading to consumers.  The whole thing got started when my original post about peanut butter got a lot of attention online driving the most traffic I’d ever had to this blog.  I’m happy to say that yesterday’s group of posts helped blow that personal best out of the water, and it looks like today is going to at least be my second best day.  So it looks like the idea s catching on and I hope it grows going forward.

If you’re wondering about the # in front of BSLabels, then you probably aren’t a twitter user.  Putting that in front of a word in a tweet is called a hashtag and makes it a searchable term.  Hashtags help users find info on specific topics and allow you to see trending or popular topics.  Hashtags also have functionality on G+.

Now for the roundup.  Here are the links to all the #BSLabels posts from yesterday.  I know I’m going to do some more posts in the future and I’d like to add some bloggers and make this a regular event where we all post on the same day.  Check ’em out and let the authors know what you think!

Janice Person wrote “Christmas Shopping & #BSlabels — One Size? Really?” branching out from food labels and digging into clothing labels.  She’s a cotton lover though, so we’re still talking ag!

Matthew Boucher has a good one about whole grain popcorn entitled “#BSLabels, Boneless Bananas, Popcorn and Marketing.”  Have you ever popped popcorn that wasn’t whole grain?

From The Adventures of Dairy Carrie we have “Boneless Bananas, Hormone Free Milk, & Other BS.  #BSLables”.  Some great insight on milk production that everyone should read.

Val from Wag’n Tales is “Watching Out for #BSLabels.”  This was my personal favorite of the day.  Think that windmill powered, recyclable, mom approved cereal is your best healthy choice on the shelf?  Read Val’s post and see what she found out.

Jan from Slow Money Farm has taken a look at labels before on her blog and is now on the lookout for “BSLabels in the Marketplace.”

And then there’s me.  I found enough BS in the bottled water aisle that I was “Drowning in #BSLabels” and if you want to know why the other bloggers were talking about boneless bananas go back to the post that started the whole thing called “Peanut Butter and Truth in Labeling.”


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