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Doing that whole back to school list shopping trip! Our list was very specific!

My wife and I graduated from Purdue in 2002 and 2003. Now in the fall of 2015 we are going back to school for the first time in a long time via our son heading into kindergarten. The idea of school isn’t new to him as he had two full years of preschool, but now he is going to a full day of school five days a week. Preschool this past year for the oldest kids was 2.5hrs 4 days a week. It’s a fun time for all us, and the little guy is pretty excited. In fact as I write this he is at his fourth day of school.

On the first day he came home and was pretty amped up to tell everyone there were three whole recesses during school. Three! Fun times! He likes his teacher, and he knows some of the kids from preschool. This summer we realized one thing that worried him about starting to go to school all day was he thought it was going to be ALL DAY. Once he understood all day meant until 3pm and not Mommy or Daddy dropping him off in the morning then picking him up at bedtime he was much more receptive to all day school.

Officially doing homework for the first time ever. #dadchat #school #parenting

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I hope he doesn’t, although I suspect he might, get a little sad when the combine starts rolling at harvest. He is more than willing to spend a whole day in the field with us, but now full farm days will be limited to Saturdays. I’ll assure him when the time comes that he will have plenty of afternoons and evenings during the week to get his farming fix. He and Mommy like to bring me dinner in the field anyway so we’ll be just fine on that front. He’s probably going to have a tight schedule because if Daddy, Papaw John, and Big Papaw are in the field then the same work must also be done on the carpet farm. And that’s a serious thing at our house.

We are really looking forward to see how he learns and develops over the school year. So far, so good! Leave me a comment below about your back to school thoughts.


  1. It’s a precious and sobering thought that your little guy is taking those first steps toward becoming a man. I’m betting your best days with him lie ahead, though, as you help him develop into a solid citizen. Remember to have a lot of fun on the way.

    1. Paul, I’m the little guy’s aunt and was afraid this blog post would make cry. I held it together until I read your comment. He’s a terrific kid and your words hit the nail on the head. Thank you!

  2. It’s a fun time for everyone! As a farmer you would know that crops grow faster than kids, sio enjoy your time with him and any others that might come along!

  3. After my daughter’s first day of kindergarten, she was surprised that she had to go back the next day, “But I already went!”. Now she’s a college girl so it worked out ok.

  4. Congrats on your “Others”!!!! I happened to be up this Saturday morning watching TV and ipad in hand and when I heard you talking about your blog…plugged it right in and here I am! Look forward to reading as your family evolves….

  5. I taught kindergarten for many years, and watched those tearful first day goodbyes (from the parents, mostly!). I taught during the era where they slowly took away our snack and rest time, and my big blocks, puppet centers, etc., to make time in the day for more “academic” pursuits. Please let him play with his trucks forever!

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