Ram Trucks Wins Superbowl with “So God Made a Farmer”

I’m certain a great deal of you were watching the Ravens and 49ers play tonight.  The Superbowl has become such an event that people tune in for the commercials as much or even more so than for the game itself.

Well this year Ram takes the cake for best commercial in my book.  Take a couple of minutes to watch in case you missed it during the game.

I remember saying “Oh, a cow.” when the ad came on.  Then the name Paul Harvey appeared on the screen.  At that point I knew what was coming next as I’ve heard him speak those words before.  My understanding is he delivered those lines in 1978 at the national FFA convention.  Two years before I was born, but all the things he describes are still true in 2013.  I can remember when I was little riding on the armrest of tractors with Grandpa while Paul Harvey played on the radio and my head would bump the window as the tractor crossed the field.

My social media circles lit up tonight with shares and praise to Ram for spotlighting farmers on the biggest of big stages.  I even had friends post on my Facebook page that they thought of me during the commercial.  As I looked over my timeline I saw that the same thing was happening to many of my other farmer friends across the country.  And that’s pretty cool.

So God Made a Farmer via Goodnight Irene Photography

The great Christmas 2014 present from my sister at Goodnight Irene Photography. Scott Farms generations 5, 4, 3, and 2 all pictured. We love farming! Great stuff!

Finally there’s the part that tells a bit of the tale of this farmer when Harvey states “Somebody who’d bale a family together with the soft, strong bonds of sharing, who would laugh, and then sigh and then reply with smiling eyes when his son says that he wants to spend his life doing what Dad does.  So God made a farmer.”  You may know that I farm with my dad and grandpa right now.  Actually during my last semester of college I said I didn’t want to farm, but six years later I told my parents I did.  My wife and I have a 3-year-old son ourselves.  Maybe someday he’ll want to do what Dad does too.

And don’t forget.  If you share this video you’ll be helping Ram Trucks raise $1M for FFA so go share it now!

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  1. Love the photo pf the 4 Scott farmers! We love the video of, “So GOD made a farmer.” We are passing it on for FFA! From your farmer relatives in Hawaii. Amen and amen.

      1. Yes! We ALL loved that visit – Joey, Ross, Bobby and I. It was great times! We ‘re glad that you folks learned about and enjoy our farming in Hawaii lifestyle and we…your farming in Indiana lifestyle!! Our scale of farming is all relative (get it?:) Such a blessing beyond words. Family/friends: a win/win situation!

  2. For the record, I immediately thought of you .. and I know we’ve never met! But following you on Twitter and reading your blog helped me make that immediate connection! Great ad!

  3. My son is 15 and a Sophomore in FFA. When I saw the cow I got his attention and when I saw Paul Harvey I too knew what was next. I was pleasantly surprised and thankful it was actually getting air time during the Super Bowl. My son thought it was the coolest thing ever! It made both of us proud to be involved in agriculture.

    1. Our room was silent as well: for what the hell did the commercial have to do with a truck? So now you need to believe in our God to be a farmer?

  4. Good Ad, but it did not show the majority of hard working real farmers and farmworkers,
    the undocument workers who provide us with ALL of our food.

    1. Not quite all the food. There are none of those people on our farm, or most grain farms I would guess. They do tend to do the very hard physical work involved in fruits and vegetables. I read an article about a migrant worker that has become a full time manager at an Indiana tomato farm last year. He was the farmer’s best employee and was doing everything the right way as far as being legal. He also said local people don’t call looking for work even in this economy, and those that do often quit after a few days.

  5. I too thought of you when I saw the commercial. I am an urban gardener, not a farmer, but I raised two hens from chicks this year to add to my little flock of three older hens. We got our first egg from the new girls this week. As for food, I raised a bit under 300 lbs of fruit and vegetables last year. Not too bad for an old granny with a tiny southern California yard. But grains are our staples, so thanks to you and your family for raising them, Brian, and for blogging about the process. Keep on truckin’, as we said back in the sixties!

  6. It is inspiring to see the strong bonds and traditions that you and other farm families have Brian. And the Dodge spot was a good one; reminds me how much I enjoyed listening to Paul Harvey many years ago.

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