2012 Drought Effect on Corn Yield

Yesterday we finished harvesting our first field after this long summer of drought.  The end result was a nice surprise with the yield monitor in the combine showing 151 bushels per acre average.  I saw yields in this field anywhere from 30 bushles to just over 300 in what are normally low, wet spots.  Based on scale tickets from taking that corn to town it figures more like 142 bushels for the field average.  I’ve still got a bit of calibrating to do in the combine, but we haven’t had the grain cart out yet so I can get it set just right.  Either way that’s a very good yield in these conditions.

Then we moved on to another field.  Same variety of corn several miles away.  What a difference.  I saw stretches of corn that came across the monitor at Zero bushels.  In spots I saw up to 200 bushels.  The overall yield for the first 15 acres was 68 bushels per acre.  This is on the same section of ground that averaged 185 last year.  It looks like it will get better in the center of the field, but we’ve switched to soybeans today so we’ll have to wait and see.


      1. Most people consider silage to be grain because they hear the word corn and stop listening. They don’t understand that when we are talking about corn silage we mean the whole plant, not just the kernels.
        I want to know if Brewers/Distillers grains are considered grain. Technically it is made from grain but it’s not even close to what it starts as.

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