Farm Week in Pictures 04/12/2014

John Deere Planter via

Farm work this week covered several projects.  We wrapped up a couple of things we’ve been working on for a while, and started getting more serious about spring fieldwork.  See what we’ve been up to! Let’s Grapple! Our grapple project for the JCB backhoe finally got done last week.  We had to do a fair […]

Farm Week in Pictures 04/05/2014

Flat Tire via

Busy week on the farm with cutting, welding, measuring, fabricating, plant prepping, and several other things on the agenda.  2014 planting season might begin in a few weeks depending on the weather, and then our focus will shift from many projects to a relatively singular task.  Read on to see what we are working on […]

Farm Week in Pictures 03/29/2014

John Deere via

Farm activity this week consisted of working on tractors for a good portion of the week.  The 4630 especially got some TLC.  We’ve be finishing up installing the loader we bought at auction recently.  I started just a little bit of prep on the big Deeres to get ready for tillage and planting.  A few […]